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On this page you will find useful links for videos of music and interviews with Ashly Williams on YouTube and other streaming websites.

Beware that The X Factor from time to time deletes old videos and this could happen to some of the videos below from the The X Factor appearances.

Contestant number 46009

The X Factor Appearances

I Will Always Love You

Check out Ashly William's incredible performance at the X Factor audition in Los Angeles, July 2013. Singing "I Will Always Love You", Ashly received a standing ovation from not only the audience, but also the judges. This video proves Ashly Williams' level and class!

Published Sep 19, 2013 on YouTube by The X Factor USA

Yes, I Made it! The X Factor USA 2013

After the audition in July 2013, the X Factor interviewed Ashly Williams on her reaction having made it through the first round.

Published Sep 19, 2013 on YouTube by The X Factor USA

The Top 10 Girls

Follow Ashly Williams as she and lots of other contestants await the judges' decision who is among the top 10 girls to continue to the second round. One by one the selected girls were picked out and Ashly Williams was still standing in the back row. It must have been nerve wrecking! Poor Ashly Williams was left in tears when she was picked out as the very last girl to go through...!

Published Sep 26, 2013 on YouTube by The X Factor USA

I Don't Want to Miss a Thing

Check out Ashly Williams singing "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing" at the second round of the X Factor 2013.

Published Oct 2, 2013 on YouTube by The X Factor USA


Ashly Williams interviewed on Rap Pages

Ashly Williams being interviewed by Sir on Rap Pages. Check out the interview

Published Jul 14, 2014 on YouTube by Rap Pages TV

Ashly Breshé interviewed by Jordan Omar

Jordan Omar interviewing Ashly Breshé about her X Factor performances, education, friends in the music industry, past and future. Jordan Omar also asks Ashly about her new single!

Thanks for sharing this interview!

Streamed live Mar 8, 2014 on YouTube by Jordan Omar

Ashly Breshé interviewed by the Hub Radio

A must see interview by HubCItyDre on the Hub!

In the interview is mentioned a major milestone coming up - a defining moment as Ashly calls it - but she cannot reveal what (this was just before the X Factor audition was broadcasted).
Also discussed is the new single that Ashly has written, Destination Real, and you get a taste of it (at 2:20).

Further, Ashly talks about life AND... she reveals half her birth chart! Wow! Now we've got the birth date and place, but not the time. Anybody to sneak it out of her? We'd be in gossip business! Eh... sorry, no we wouldn't! We're serious supporters! Sorry! :-)

Published Aug 31, 2013 on YouTube by The Hub

Fanchat with various people incl. Ashly Williams

The interview with Ashly Williams starts at 47:20.

In this interview Ashly Williams explains how she experienced the audition and the relationship to her mom. She is also asked what she wishes people to get from her performances.

"I want to inspire people. A lot of people feel they can't accomplish. I am a living proof that that's possible. I've experienced the worst."

Streamed live Sep 24, 2013 on YouTube by Fox 11 LA

The Break Talk Show Season 3 Episode 7 - Featuring Ashly Breshé

The interview with Ashly Breshé starts at 20:02.

"How could you not love LA", Ashly Breshé states early in the interview. Ashly also explains how her name was spelled wrong on her birth certificate (the missing e) and she goes through her current plans and projects.

Published Nov 13, 2012 on YouTube by StrictlyBusinessMgmt

Other Videos

Ashly Williams singing at Fox' Tour Bus Submission.

Published July 17, 2015 on YouTube by FOX's Next Empire Artist

Ashly Williams singing Gravity

Ashly Williams singing Sara Bareilles' Gravity.

Published June 29, 2015 on YouTube by Ashly Williams

Ashly Williams singing "Talking Body"

Ashly Williams singing Talking Body by Tove Lo.

Published May 27, 2015 on YouTube by Ashly Williams

Ashly Williams singing "Never Loved A Man"

Ashly Williams singing an old classic.

Published Feb 20, 2015 on YouTube by Ashly Williams

Ashly Breshé singing "Who Says"

Ashly Breshé was invited to give a talk on life challenges at My Quince Life EXPERIENCE on Feb 23, 2014. Apart from singing "I Will Always Love You" Ashly also sang "Who Says" which was recorded by Ashly's sister Tamala Norris.

Published Feb 25, 2014 on YouTube by Tamala Norris

Ashly Breshé sings "Love and War" by Tamar Braxton

Check out Ashly Williams' Facebook fan page if you wish to listen to this song.

Uploaded Jan, 2013 on YouTube by Ashly Breshé

Ashly Breshé sings Keyshia Cole's Enough of No Love.

Published Jul 27, 2012 on YouTube by Ashly Breshé

Ashly Breshé sings Beyonce 1+1 at the Secret Society.
Brilliant live sound. Ashly levels Beyonce, no doubt!

Published Jul 3, 2012 on YouTube by The Hub.

Ashly Breshé sings Elle Varner's Refill.

According to the video was recorded by Christian Padron while Kaye Dash did the hair and make up.

Publ. Apr 11, 2012 on YouTube by PinkGrasshopper Blog.

Ashly Breshé's EPK 2012 video.

This is another must see video as Ashly Breshe explains about the artists and producers she has worked with over the years: Keyshia Cole, Gerald Baillergeau, Dr. Dre + more. She also reveals how she sees herself fashionwise and she reveals: "I love, love, LOVE shoes!" :-)

You get a taste of some of Ashly Breshé's music including Dressed to Impress and Highway.

Published Jan 25, 2012 on YouTube by ASHLYEPK2012.

Ashly Breshé sings Melanie Fiona's 4am.

Publ. Oct 3, 2011 on YouTube by PinkGrasshopper Blog.

Ashly Breshé sings Beyonce 1+1.

Publ. Jul 8, 2011 on YouTube by PinkGrasshopper Blog.

Ashly Breshé singing at the Keep It Together Fundraising.

Publ. Oct 28, 2009 on YouTube by Hollywatts Holly.

14 Videos

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14 videos of Beasle performing openings for Keyshia Cole during 2007.

Videos from concerts in
- Cleveland
- Richmond
- Atlanta
- New York
- California

Songs include
- Without You
- Weak/What
- No Ass
- Tell Me if You Know.



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