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Music by Ashly Williams

Ashly Breshe

Ashly Williams' musical career took a great step in 2007 as she toured with Keyshia Cole. Back then Ashly William's artist name was Beasle.

Over the years Ashly William has worked with many producers and has gained a huge experience as a musical artist

Ashly William's own Music

This column is dedicated to Ashly Williams's own music.

Christmas song from Ashly Williams!

Check out this lovely Christmas tune from Ashly Williams

Below: Ashly Williams singing her own "Just Another Day". Published 16 Dec, 2015 on YouTube by Ashly Williams.

Take Me

"Light in the basement swinging left to right"  

NEW SINGLE from Ashly Williams!

This snippet on YouTube proves how fab this new song from Ashly Williams is!!!

Download the snippet from mp3download: Take Me

Below: Ashly Williams singing her own "Take Me". Published 8 Dec, 2014 on YouTube by Ashly Williams.

Destination Real

"Where, oh where is love?"  

This single is mentioned on the interview on the Hub Radio Aug 31, 2013. Ashly Williams says it's a song she wrote around January 2013, and on the YouTube video you get a taste (at 4:12).

It sounds very promising! According to Dre, the HUB Radio speaker, Destination Real will be available on iTunes.


"I tried, I tried, I tried not to let it hurt,
I couldn't stop my eyes from crying"

The song is available as mp3 file on the internet, check it out:

From the same webpage you can listen to Highway, Sometimes Lately and Can U feel It.

Notes: The date of publishing Supergirl is unknown, however, this soundtrack was uploaded to on Jan 26, 2012 as with the three other tracks.

Below: Ashly Williams singing Supergirl on Rap Pages TV, published 14 Jul, 2014 on YouTube by Rap Pages TV.

Sometimes Lately

"Sometimes lately, only my heart agrees
with you..."

On her personal Facebook profile, Ashly Williams posted an entry on June 19, 2010:

"Listen to my new song "Sometimes Lately" on my FanPage...Shoot me a holler & tell me what u think! Boom!"

This song is available on the internet, check it out: Sometimes Lately.

One More Day

Album: Lonely Dave
Written by: Beasle

Check out One More Day found on

Notes: You may have to log in to to be able to listen to this soundtrack.

Date of publishing is listed as Jan 1st, 2010.

Nuff Said (album)

"I would drive away
to where we wanna be" (Highway)

The has 5 Beasle songs listed on the album Nuff Said:
- No Ass
- Wonderboy
- Get Away
- Fly Away
- Highway

Beasle's debut album. 5 great tunes. Nuff Said includes the classic song Highway - it's a must listen to!

Further, any fan of the swinging harmonies of the 60s will instantly LOVE this version of Fly Away! You'll instantly fly away back to The ShangriLas, Niel Sedaka and Please Mr Postman! Try out the chords C-A-F-G on your guitar - just like I Will Always Love You

Notes: You may have to log in to to be able to listen to these soundtracks.

Date of publishing on says Jan 1, 2008.

Can You Feel It

Album: Theory's Cup Holder
Written by: Beasle

Can You Feel It is the first single by Ashly Williams using her artist name, Beasle. It was published on iTunes. Buy Can U Feel it as a treat for yourself or as a gift for somebody else!

Notes: Date of release is May 2008. Can U feel it is available on iTunes. You need iTunes installed on your computer.

6 Beasle songs

... happened to the love we shared?"

The lists 6 Beasle songs. Check them out:
- Without You
- bodi-snipet
- What
- Get Away
- Fly Away (released on
- No Butt (released on

Notes: No Butt and Fly Away both released on May 6, 2007.
Date of publishing of the other songs is unknown.

Dressed to Impress

"I'll be, I'll be, I'll be, I'll be ...
... Dressed to Impress"

According to Ashly Williams on Twitter, she wrote Dressed to Impress when she was about 16 years old (around 2005).

No full soundtrack of this song have been found on the internet nor on iTunes, however, you get a taste of it on the EPK 2012 video on (at 1:50 minutes).

Music featuring Ashly Williams

Before Ashly Williams joined Kelly Rowland's girl group on Chasing Destiny she featured on many singles and albums. That includes singles and albums by Ro Akin, TUKO, Shawn Crystopher and Kent M$ney.

According to, Ashly Williams has recorded more than 40 studio productions with Gerald Baillergeau from the Track Light Production.

Hotline Bling Cover

Ashly Williams features on Kelly Rowland's girl group singing Hotline Bling.

The soundtrack was published on May 17, 2016 on


Ashly Breshe features on Nomadic on an album called Mixed Feelings by Ro Akin.

You can download it for free or buy it at your own price to support the artists. The soundtrack was released on Aug 19, 2013 on

The video for Nomadic was shot around Nov 23, 2013.


Ashly Williams features on a soundtrack, Situation, on an album called The Lovestory by Shawn Crystopher.

The album was released by RBC Records on July 23, 2013 and is available on iTunes and Amazon.

2020 AD

Ashly Breshe features on a song called 2020 AD from an album called Infrared & Ultraviolet by T|U|K|O (Tuko).

This soundtrack was published July 16, 2013 by Tuko on YouTube. The soundtrack can also be downloaded as mp3 from the internet.

The Dealer

Ashly Williams features on a soundtrack, The Dealer, on an album Eyes Wide Shut by Kent M$ney.

This album is available on iTunes.

The soundtrack was also published Apr 26, 2013 by Kent M$ney on YouTube.


"You Captivate me again and again..."

Ashly Williams features on this soundtrack, Captivate, by 808in.

This soundtrack is available on According to, the soundtrack was posted on Jan 31, 2013.


Ashly Williams features on a soundtrack, Cuddlegang, produced by Zealous Knock.

This soundtrack is available on This soundtrack was released on on Apr 12, 2012.

This page will be updated as more music by or featuring Ashly Williams is discovered.

We are piecing together details in order to compile a complete list of Ashly Williams's music (as much as possible).

If you are searching for Ashly Williams's music on the internet, remember to include Ashly Williams and her former artist name Beasle in your search.



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If you are planning a show or an event and if you're aiming for the perfect entertainment, consider booking Ashly Williams!

Not only has Ashly Williams an incredible voice, she is a great entertainer and sings popular tunes. Added to this, she even writes her own music - a combination not seen too often.

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