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Born on January 15th, 1989 in Compton, California, Ashly Breshé Williams grew up in Compton near Los Angeles. Apart from the years she was studying in Berkeley, she has lived most of her live in Compton or other areas around Los Angeles.

From early age, Ashly loved to sing, and singing became a major part of her life. Just 11 years old, Ashly started to sing professionally.

This page gives you an overview of some of the milestones in her life.


In mid May Ashly Williams appears on Kelly Rowland's show Chasing Destiny. Ashly becomes a member of a five girls group and the group immediately generates news headlines singing a cover of Drake's "Hotline Bling".

Although the group was unnamed, it seemed that the medias were confident about the future of these five girls.

Check out the news in Los Angeles Times

Check out the cover of


In mid February Ashly Breshé and manager Louis Paige and team members went to the recording studios at Paramount Studios.

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New Single: Take Me!

On Dec 8th on, Ashly Williams revealed the first details about her new single, Take Me! An intro was uploaded to You Tube and news spread on Twitter.


2013 would prove to be a milestone of the young star's life.

At the Hub Radio interview, Hub Radio's Dre and Ashly Breshé discuss a major event. Ashly herself calls it "a defining moment". This event was the X Factor audition in mid July 2013 in Los Angeles. Ashly had decided to dedicate this moment to her mom, Vanessa, by singing "I Will Always Love You". It was a very clever choice as her mom was born on July 14th. When the audition was broadcasted by Fox and the video was published on YouTube on September 19th, Ashly Williams suddenly became a big international name!

Check out Ashly's incredible performance at the X Factor audition in Los Angeles, July 2013. No wonder she received a standing ovation from not only the audience, but also the judges.

Ashly progressed to the second round of the X Factor contest and her performance passed the judges. Later however in the second round Ashly was switched out of the contest.

With a bit of help Ashly Williams could become a full time professional singer and song writer. At the Hub Radio interview, Ashly was asked what she enjoyes most: writing music, recording, performing or listening to her music.

"I think it's definitely recording music", she replied, "I feel I'm going through so many emotions".


By 2012, Ashly Williams had worked with many different producers and artists over the years, and Ashly had become an experienced singer besides being a song writer. On the EPK 2012 video Ashly Williams lists some of the producers and artists she has worked with including the legendary Dr. Dre.


From around spring 2011 Ashly Williams started to work as a Talent Director on the

It was probably during this period Ashly Williams had some fab photos taken including the one to the left. The setup was professional and the photographer was a professional, and it certainly looks like miss Williams could be a professional model.

During the autumn of 2011, Ashly Williams worked with Shawn Crystopher and Big Sean and featured on a film.


In May 2010 Ashly Williams graduated from Berkeley, California.

On her Facebook profile Ashly wrote: "As I drove away from my Berkeley home, headed for LA, tears streamed down my face because I realized I am leaving a life I have lived for 4 years!"


The following year, 2008, Ashly had her first single released using her artist name back then; Beasle.

It was a single called "Can You Feel it" and is available on Apple's iTunes Store. It's only 99 cents and buying it is a great way of supporting her. Enjoy listening to her song or give it to somebody as a treat.

On her Facebook profile Ashly has written comments about her single (scroll down all the way to November 2008).


Only 18 years old Ashly had one of her greatest moments: Ashly performed the opening for Keyshia Cole at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood. Ashly toured with Keyshia Cole that summer and received great feedback for her performance and talent.

On the EPK 2012 video Ashly describes her experience of the event. No doubt that Ashly luuuuves to perform on a stage and she seems natural born for the lime light.

Video of Ashly's performance is available on a website - scroll down until you find the video from the Kodak Theatre.


From early age, Ashly started to write her own music. According to Ashly Breshé on Twitter, she wrote Dressed to Impress when she was about 16 years old.

You get a taste of Dressed to Impress on the EPK 2012 video on YouTube (at 1:50).


In December 2003, while Ashly was only 14 years old, she suffered a devastating experience as her mother, Vanessa, was killed by a murderer. This event of course had a profound impact on the young teenager and her future path.

It also meant that Ashly's big sister Tamala Norris took on a very import role in her life.

At her mother's funeral "I Will Always Love You" was played and this particular song would years later return to give Ashly a well deserved lift towards the stars.

Ashly Williams on the EPK 2012 video:

"I would like to describe my fashion as conservative chic..."

Sounds like miss Williams is definitely Capricorn! :-)




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If you are planning a show or an event and if you're aiming for the perfect entertainment, consider booking Ashly Williams!

Not only has Ashly Williams an incredible voice, she is a great entertainer and sings popular tunes. Added to this, she even writes her own music - a combination not seen too often.

Ashly Williams can be contacted by email, on Twitter and Facebook. Email her at